Housekeepers in Sydney

Housekeeping Sydney

Overwhelmed by the busy working schedules and taking care of our kids, sometimes we can't find the time needed to give our homes the regular cleaning it needs in order to preserve the healthy environment indoors. Home Cleaning Sydney can help you to keep your home in perfectly clean condition while you are enjoying your free time. We offer a first-rate housekeeping service performed by insured and vetted maids at highly competitive prices.

Whether it involves scrubbing, dusting, ironing or other chores, our housekeepers are the ideal choice. Their duties include a good mopping and vacuuming of the flooring in all rooms, cleaning of all mirrors and windows from the inside, doing the laundry, ironing and folding. They will also wash the dishes, remove cobwebs, change linen, clean all cupboards and even wipe up all kitchen appliances. Well, if you need a thorough cleaning of the inside of your oven for example, then you need to book our specialty oven cleaning service.

Each of our housekeepers is available on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly basis - offering you utmost flexibility in terms of time and value. Their employment depends on your individual needs. If you want them to clean just a specific room, or do only certain chores, we will arrange an action plan which your maid will follow at each visit.

Housekeepers Sydney

For additional information or to arrange a regular domestic cleaning, call us on 02 9191 6436 or request a service online. Our friendly operators are waiting to hear from you! They will share with you our monthly deals and discounts so that you obtain all benefits of booking a cleaner with our agency. 


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